From the early years of the Apple ][ and IBM XT, computer hardware and software have kept David curious.

When he's not coding he'll spend time with the wife and kids helping out at home with chores and homework.

Occasionally you'll see him at the skate park breaking his bones or at the library reading a sci-fi novel.

He can be a team player or a one-man show.


■ Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal)
■ Bachelor’s Degree in Pure & Applied Sciences (College Saint-Laurent)

In alphabetical order.


.NET, Access, ADO.NET, API, App Developer, ASP, ASP.NET, Azure, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Blog Install, C# Programming, Coding, Computer Science, CSS3, Debugging, Development Operations, Documentation, Electronic Forms, Ethereum, Exchange, Frontend Development, Full Stack Development, Google Chrome, Google Cloud Storage, Google Maps API, HTML, HTML5, HTTP, IIS, iOS Development, Javascript, Javascript ES6, jQuery / Prototype, JSON, Mac OS, node.js, Office 365, PhoneGap, Photoshop Scripting, Programming, Push Notifications, Script Install, Scripting, Scrum, Scrum Development, Shell Script, Software Architecture, Software Development, SQL Server, SQLite, UI/UX, VB.NET, VBScript, Virtual Machines, Visio, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps, VMware, WatchKit, Web API, Web Development, Web Hosting, Web Scraping, Web Services, Website Management, Windows 10, Windows API, Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Xcode, XML


Agile Development, AJAX, Android Wear SDK, Asana, AWS, Backend Development, Bash Scripting, Bluetooth Low Energy, C Programming, C++ Programming, Data Warehousing, Database Administration, Database Development, Database Programming, Datatables, eLearning, Email Developer, Embedded Software, Facebook API, Firmware, Git, GitLab, Google Cloud Platform, Google Webmaster Tools, IBM Bluemix, Instagram API, Java, JSP, Kinect, Linkedin API, Linux, OAuth, Object Oriented Programming, Objective C, OCR, OpenCV, OpenGL, Parallels Desktop, PayPal API, Raspberry Pi, Shopify, Shopping Carts, Socket IO, SQL, Swift, Typescript, Unity 3D, VoiceXML, VoIP, Web Crawling, WordPress, x86/x64 Assembler, XAML, XHTML, XSLT, YouTube API